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Back Blings, also known as Backpacks is a cosmetic that currently can’t be purchased in the Item Shop. Introduced in Season 3, when you have Backpacks equipped it will appear on the back of your character during the game and can be changed in the locker. Just like the other items in Fornite, Back Blings feature different rarities and most of the time is an exclusive to a select skin.

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Legendary Back Blings

List of Fortnite Back Blings – Backpacks

Frozen Shroud Back Bling Fortnite

Frozen Shroud

Overview Frozen Shroud Rarity: Legendary Price: Battle Pass Unlock Release Date: July 12, 2018 ...
Valkyrie Wings Back Bling Fortnite

Valkyrie Wings

Overview Valkyrie Wings Rarity: Legendary Price: N/A Release Date: September 21, 2018 Season: Season...
Iron Cage Fortnite Back Bling

Iron Cage

Overview Iron Cage Rarity: Legendary Price: N/A Release Date: April 6, 2018 Season: Season...


Deadfire Fortnite Outfit Skin


Spider Knight Fortnite Outfit Skin

Spider Knight

Hollowhead Fortnite Outfit Skin


Hay Man Fortnite Outfit Skin

Hay Man

Plague Fortnite Outfit Skin


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