Carbide Fortnite Outfit



  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Price: Battle Pass Unlock
  • Release Date: May 1, 2018
  • Season: Season 4
  • Back Bling: None
  • Set: Carbide
  • Style: Outfit


The Carbide Outfit is a Legendary Skin in Fortnite that was available during Season 4. Carbide represents the Superhero half of the Superheroes vs. Villains theme. Coming in Blue and Black detailing, this outfit features unique designs as well as a mask for a futuristic look. Just like the Omega Outfit, you can unlock different styles. However Carbide is much easier to unlock compared to his nemesis.

Official Description: Heed the call to action.


Carbide is part of the self-titled Carbide Set. Other than this skin, also part of the set is the Intrepid Glider and Positron Pickaxe, both Epic and Rare respectively.

How to Get

Once you purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass, the Carbide Skin is automatically unlocked, however this is just the start. There is a total of five other unlockable styles which you will have to earn through the Carbide Challenges.

Unlockable Styles

There is a total of five unlockable styles available for Carbide. Each is a challenge and once completed, you will have a new piece added to its armor. Below is the breakdown.

Carbide Fortnite Outfit Skin Unlockable Styles Progression

    Carbide Challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Reach Season Level 10 – Chest Armor Unlock
  • Challenge 2: Reach Season Level 20 – Leg Armor Unlock
  • Challenge 3: Reach Season Level 30 – Arm Pieces Unlock
  • Challenge 4: Reach Season Level 40 – Helmet Unlock
  • Challenge 5: Reach Season Level 65 – Upper Body Armor Unlock

Once you complete the first three challenges, you will unlock the Positron Pickaxe.


To download this wallpaper, click the link.
Carbide Fortnite Wallpaper

Official Icons

These images are used in the Item Shop and Locker. High-quality PNG images of Carbide which is perfect to use for YouTube thumbnails and concepts. Each has a transparent background.


How to Draw


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