Pointer Fortnite Pickaxe Harvesting Tool



  • Rarity: Rare
  • Price: Free
  • Release Date: August 22, 2018
  • Season: Season 5
  • Set: China
  • Style: Pickaxe


The Pointer Pickaxe is a rare harvesting tool that is a China exclusive. It features a large Orange arrow, hence the name “Pointer”. In addition it has two Green nodules as well as a Yellow contraption on the shaft. Speaking of the shaft, it has a metal Chrome finish while the end has White tape and a piece of wood.

Official Description: Get to the point.


This pickaxe is part of the China Set that has two cosmetic items. Also in the Set is the Power Grip Pickaxe (Rare).

How to Get

For those that want the Pointer Harvesting Tool, you will need to reside in China, however there is a way to still obtain it if you don’t. First you will need to QQ account and play Fortnite Battle Royale using a VPN through WeGame. You will also need to set the VPN to China. Take note that there is a chance your account could get banned using a VPN.

Image Gallery


To download this wallpaper, click the link.

Pointer Fortnite Pickaxe Wallpaper

Official Icons

These images are used in the Item Shop and Locker.

PNG Images

High-quality PNG images of Pointer which can be used for YouTube thumbnails and concepts. Each has a transparent background.



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